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The Di Blasi R32 completely folds with ease. It then can be transported in the boot of a car, caravan, boat or even be taken on the train. We have this item in stock for immediate delivery. Or for a demonstration.

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    The mod. R32 tricycle differs from mod. R31 by having larger wheels with 20” tyres, which gives it a more important appearance, and by the lower central bar (only 19 cm from the ground) which allows easier access and makes it particularly adapted for the elderly and people with minor physical handicaps.

    There are accessories such as the enveloping backrest, folding pedals with foot straps, and orthopaedic saddle which allow users with mobility restrictions to ride in comfort .

    It is equipped with foldable pedals, gear changer with derailleur, two V brakes where one also functions as a parking brake, dynamo-powered front and tail lights, bell and mudguards.

    The frame components are made of highly resistant carbon steel and are painted with polyester powder coatings.

    It is also available in the Junior version, with lower handlebar and seat heights, and with a smaller crank and chainset. And then an even smaller version called the cadet for children. We now include the shopping rack free of charge. 

    Accessories available at extracosts: carrying bag, and shopping bag.

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