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Mision - Handcycle UprightMision - Handcycle Upright

Price from £1,100.00
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Designed from the ground up with special needs in mind, the Micah is the perfect companion for children and young adults who have cerebral palsy (CP) or a related disability. Riding this bike promotes growth and learning

Price from £945.00
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Versa TrikeVersa Trike

Hal Honeyman, founder of Creative Mobility, Executive Director of Project Mobility: Cycles for life, has spent the last 10 years ftting children and adults with disabilities all over the country on adaptive bikes.

Price from £1,150.00
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Showing Products 1 - 3 of 3


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Mission Chopper 20" Trike
Mission Chopper 20
Its Cool
User: daddycool
This trike is great for being noticed. Have had plenty of people acknowledging me as I have been cycling around town on it. Its alot quicker than I expected it to be and much fun round corners at speed (I`ve had it up on just two wheels) :-)