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Kentex Gomier Classic Tricycle 20" or 24" Wheel Delivered Assembled - 20"

Kentex Gomier Classic Tricycle 20
In Stock
Quick Ref: EBD034366
20"In Stock
24"Sold Out
The Classic Tricycles are ideal for all age groups. The 24" model offers suitability for persons with mobility restrictions, special needs or just those who don't have the confidence in conventional two wheeled cycles

Anyone under the height of 5ft 6in and/or 14 stone in weight is recommended to use the 20" model.

Front Brake: V

Back Brake: Drum

Width: 30in


Step over height of 16 inches

Tubular steel frame

Adjustable handle bar stem

Alloy wheels

6 speed Shimano gears

Parkng brake

Comfortable coil sprung saddle

Lage shopping basket

love it
Username: xorcist99 06 Sep 11
due to medical problems with my ears i am unable to balance on a two wheeler so invested in this trike .........i love it i was full of worries about riding it but soon got over them the sense of freedom and the ability to go where and when i like as opposed to waiting for buses and then a long walk and the thought of them being packed with school kids at certain times of the day . this has restored my freedom and given me a new lease of life , ive felt better, been out more and talked to alot of people who have made comment on it (all positive !)lost some weight as well . no more carrying home heavy bags of shopping or paying for a taxi just drop it in the carrier on the back and off we go ! get past the it looks funny thought and go for it i did and have never regretted it .

Classic Tricycle
Username: uneychandler 19 Mar 10
It’s Fantastic!
......I must admit when I first got on to it I thought I was steering it wrong and I leaned over on it????, I discovered (emailed here) that the slope on our road was not helping me learn to ride so I found a flat car park that was empty and after a few frustrating hours of going round and round in circles (and a lot of giggling)
I got the hang of it and am making short trips to and fro to the shops, the perfect shopper, the brake lock is a brilliant Idea and works so well and the gears are smooth too, I ordered the wing mirrors as I like to see what’s behind me,
Overall... The backup from the site is personal and 100% helpful and the bike is 100% fun and sturdy, I will recommend it to everyone who stops me for a look and a chat....
I know this may sound strange but I really enjoy this tricycle, Thank you

Good Value
Username: lucy1984 13 Jan 09
I can't believe how cheap this tricycle is. I wasn't expecting such a sturdy product. It is just grrrreat.

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PowaTryke 20" Electric Tricycle
PowaTryke 20
Its got a battery.
User: sophie
When I first saw this I couldn`t believe you could get a tricycle with a battery. Now I know its true. I wasn`t too keen on cycling but wanted to go green and this is prefect.